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The most complete way to track your daily activities
CMS Time Tracker is an easy to use solution in which you can log how are you spending your time in different activities performed on a daily basis. When you sign up you get you TimeBox which is your own personal place where you keep track of your life.

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About CMS Time Tracker
Get your CMS Time Tracker from Windows 8 Store
Ever wanted to know how much of your time is spent on things like health, work, family time, hobbies, fun or even sleeping?

With CMS Time Tracker that is possible and you can do it from mobile devices with Windows 8, Windows 8 on your PC, and from our Windows Azure powered website.
You will be able to make a comparative analysis against people of the same age, sex, profession, country or region.

With our user-friendly tools so you can get an overview of your lifestyle and how important are some activities for you and for other people around the world.
Features and specs
Connect wherever you are

Connect wherever you are CMS Time Tracker is a simple but powerful tool to keep track of the time you spend on any task, action or activity.
Add, edit or delete your TimeBox entries from anywhere with the Windows 8 application or our easy to use website.
It is a lot more than a to-do-list with a clock.
And yes, of course it's free for personal use.

Keep yourself organized

Connect wherever you are Being disorganized often results in embarrassment. By tracking what you do you start being more efficient, getting your projects done quicker, being able to delegate, wasting less time looking for things and being able to make quicker decisions, you'll spend less time 'working' and will have more time for yourself and the things you love to do.

Corporate and Gold licenses available

Connect wherever you are Implementation across an entire company or corporation takes only a few hours and it is the most cost-efective solution on the market as you only pay for what you really use. Gold users can add more than one TimeBox and get precise and flexive reports.
Contact us for more information about those licenses.